First town in "Townscaper", very relaxing and has obj export, though that doesn't seem to work through proton :)

The brilliant of the PowerMonger

Really fantastic game play that's still fresh even today, Peter Molyneux was indeed brilliant.

@Amiga1200Gamer do you like this one?

Mutazion - A quiet and relaxing animation, simple but beautiful with wonderful characters.

I should say every game I post runs on linux, either native, through wine or steam's proton.

A lovely original this time, "A Short Hike", following my current theme of

This is quite an inventive shader that automatically converts 3D to 2D. Well worth a play.

Had to post a vid of Children of Morta, just too gorgeous not to be here. Just the start 😉

Updated map for AngelNorde on . Need to create more bus lines serving the new districts 😀

A little birds-eye view of AngelNorde in . In case you are wondering what's the music in the background, it's Mozart, "Violin Concerto No. 3, in G Major"

Going through the games in my collection I may have missed and here's one, Children of Morta. I did remember it getting high praise and I'm not going to buck the trend.

Absolutely beautiful, well thought out mechanics and a gripping story, yup, on my must play more list.

Really nice (semi-)indie game by "Sneaky Bastards" and "Humble Bundle". Definitely one to pick up, super fun.

Latest humble bundle looks really good. Saw the epic symbol for Control and was a bit worried but it gives you the choice for Steam/Epic

Karateka on the C64, created by Jordan Mechner, same duderino that created Prince of Persia. It's a classic, fantastic music too!

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