Had to post a vid of Children of Morta, just too gorgeous not to be here. Just the start πŸ˜‰


Updated map for AngelNorde on . Need to create more bus lines serving the new districts πŸ˜€

A little birds-eye view of AngelNorde in . In case you are wondering what's the music in the background, it's Mozart, "Violin Concerto No. 3, in G Major"

Going through the games in my collection I may have missed and here's one, Children of Morta. I did remember it getting high praise and I'm not going to buck the trend.

Absolutely beautiful, well thought out mechanics and a gripping story, yup, on my must play more list.


Really nice (semi-)indie game by "Sneaky Bastards" and "Humble Bundle". Definitely one to pick up, super fun.


Karateka on the C64, created by Jordan Mechner, same duderino that created Prince of Persia. It's a classic, fantastic music too!

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